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Chinyanya Bay


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P.O. Box 1929 Lilongwe, Malawi



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Ferry Arrivals & Departures - Likoma Island

We operate the Likoma Express ferry from 3 access points on Likoma Island



Kaya Mawa Island Lodge

As Kaya Mawa Island Lodge is run exclusively for private guests staying at the lodge, ONLY Likoma Express passengers that are booked and are staying at Kaya Mawa may board and disembark the ferry at Kaya Mawa. 

ONLY for Kaya Mawa Guests

No other passengers sailing on the ferry may board or disembark the ferry at

Kaya Mawa Island Lodge

Kaya Mawa Logo.png


Mango Drift Lodge

Mango Drift Lodge on the western side of Likoma, is open to the public with a fully operational restaurant and bar. Guests that are booked to stay at Mango Drift are able to access the ferry direct from Mango's beach (weather permitting). Any other ferry passengers may board or disembark the ferry at Mango Drift.


Chinyanya Bay / Jalo Slipway

Our Chinyanya Bay jetty is located in the north of likoma island. This is the ferry's original point of departure in the mornings and the last stop when it arrives back on the island. Depending on the weather the ferry will sail to and from Jalo bay close to Chinyanya. It is advised to always check with us where the ferry will depart from when sailing with us

Ferry Arrivals & Departures - Mainland Malawi



Ngala Beach Lodge

The Likoma Express arrival and departure lounge is located at Ngala Beach Lodge. Passengers are encouraged to check-in at least 90-minutes prior to the departure of the ferry. The Likoma Express ferry departs directly from the slipway on the beach at Ngala Beach Lodge.

A 24-hour guarded, secure vehicle parking area is available at Ngala Beach. 

Please note we will require passengers who park their vehicles at Ngala Beach to sign a vehicle indemnity form and leave the vehicles keys with us.


Nkhata Bay

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